Alison Chen

Cell 626.298.2301
CalBRE# 01929143


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Alison Chen 來自台灣,畢業於台北醫學大學。大學畢業後,來到美國,有10多年的地產買賣經驗,是瑞麥領先地產的頂尖千萬經紀人。精通國語,英語。專精於豪宅,土地,自用住宅買賣,多單位投資型住宅買賣及管理。在自用住宅買賣方面,Alison 總是以最專業及客製化的賣房策略幫助賣主快速順利成交,了解客戶需求,全程把關,維護客戶權益,為客戶爭取到最好的條件。在投資住宅方面,Alison善於分析各種房地產投資優勢與風險,總是能為客戶提供或找到最適合的投資項目,創造極大利潤,也因此累積了大量的客戶群。2016,2017年連續取得團隊全美第七名。2018年更獲得個人白金大獎及全球第五銷售團隊大獎。



Alison Chen is from Taiwan and graduated from Taipei Medical University. After graduating from college, she came to the United States and has over 10 years experience of real estate transaction. She is top million dollar agent of RE/MAX Advanced Realty. She is also fluente in Mandarin and English. Specializes in the sale and management of luxury homes, land, residential, multi-unit investment residential. In terms of buying and selling residential properties, Alison always customized sales strategy to help sellers quickly and smoothly close transactions, also understanding customer needs, monitoring the whole process, protect customer rights, and strive for the best terms for customers. In terms of investment in housing, Alison is good at analyzing the advantages and risks of various real estate investment properties. She can always provide the most suitable investment properties for customers and generate great profits. Therefore, she has accumulated a large amount of client base. In 2016 and 2017, the team ranked seventh in the United States. In 2018 and 2019, she won the personal platinum award and the world's fifth sales team award.